Who has never dreamed of herding their very own flock of sheep? Animal husbandry has been mankind's most popular pastime for over thousands of years and still is, presumably. Now you can experience all the joys of being a shepherd in the palm of your hand on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Experience 30 replayable levels and 6 manic mini-games of herding sheep wherever you are, be it at school, on the bus, while traveling, while shephering, "Flock It!" will delight and challenge you!

Nominated for 2009 Best App Ever Awards in the categories "Best casual game", "Best action game" and "Best game controls"


AppStore "staff picks" selection November 2009


8 out of 10 stars



"Flock It! is a unique, enjoyable take on the puzzle genre. 8/10"



"There was a guilty pleasure every time a sheep got stuck on an electric fence, they just sound so funny."



"Highly entertaining game with innovative gameplay, high replayability value, a game for the entire family."




4.1 average user rating