August update

August update

Postby James Kay » Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:57 pm

It's August already - time flies. It's just over a month until the Tokyo Game Show so needless to say we are being kept busy. Sadly that also means there is very little to report on. Behind the scenes, whenever we can make the time, we are working on continued support for Piczle Lines and DM Tools, though our priorities are elsewhere right now, so it's hard to commit to anything specific.

Tokyo is hot and sweaty these days, especially when it's rainy. Humidity is terrible and as an overweight European it's hard for me to even step outside without sweating. Last week also saw two sizeable earthquakes. It's been a while since I felt earthquakes big enough to be noticed, we've had a little grace period since the March quake's aftermath, but two big ones in one week has my heart rate back up.

All of Score Studios is now on Google+. We're waiting to be able to create a corporate page for the company, currently we're all just on there as individuals. I am quite liking it myself, as it's easy to follow a lot of game industry types. Combined what the fact I have so very little to report these days my Google+ (and Paul's) is seeing a lot more action than my Facebook and Twitter accounts, which are languishing somewhat.

Finally I want to give a little shout-out to fellow indie developers. You may have noticed a new ad banner in rotation on our site (or maybe not). It's for the excellent To-Fu: The Trials of Chi for iOS by HotGen. It's a great little puzzler with tons of character and I highly recommend you check it out! Secondly, the always interesting Pickford Bros. have finally released their Magnetic Billiards on iOS too. I was lucky enough to play it during beta, for which they were kind enough to add me to the credits, but even without that I'd still have recommended it! It's a great tactical puzzle/billiards game with extra modes and tables unlocked through IAP. Get it now!

As for Score, we will probably report from the Tokyo Game Show and all the happenings that week, but until then we have our hands full. Hopefully we can report on more news before then, but frankly there aren't enough hours in the day...
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