After working in Japan for over a decade and blogging for several years Japanmanship author and Score Studios co-founder James "JC Barnett" Kay finally collates his insights and experiences into this single, ultimate guide book for anyone who has ever dreamed of working in video game development in the country that, arguably, gave birth to the industry.


Featuring detailed information on job types, resumes, job interviews, job descriptions, working attitudes, wages, bonuses, housing, banking and more this guide also brings you interviews with foreign game development professionals in Japan, editorials written specifically for this book as well as pertinent ones from the blog and an extensive company database with over 250 entries!


The 2nd edition, released in September 2013 features an updated database, a first round of edits and a special bonus chapter on gamesmanship in Japan.

Press & reviews

This e-book contains the entire, original "Japanmanship" blog that inspired the guidebook! Read about life in Japan as a frustrated foreign game developer, with injudicious, immature opinions, insights into working culture, Japanese video games, worthy places to visit and much, much more!

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